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I highly suggest not buying from Mryha's Marvelous Merchandise.All merchandise sold by this seller is over priced for its worth, and is normally either stolen from estate sales or bought from a local bargain store at a much lesser price, in used condition.

Even when the post states "brand new" or "in mint condition" it absolutely is not. You are better off going to your local bargain store and buying your items for one tenth of the price. I have seen many of the items, and most are cheaply refurbished with paint or glue. Also, many are hand made crafts, listed to be priceless jewelery.

One item I received didn't even work.I do not support these actions, and I don't want anyone else to be a victim to it either.

Review about: Cigarette Holder.



I retract all comments made about mryha's marvelous merchandise.I never purchased anything from this site.

I was just mad at the time. The owner is a great person and seller.

Pissed Consumer will not allow me to delete my previous post.:(


*** this site!!!you will never be able to delete ***!

they're heads are shoved so far up their *** that they probably wont tell you that you cant, just like they did me.good luck buddy, *** the ppl from this site!!!


Would like to delete post, but pissed consumer doesnt allow it :(


Yea that's not worth the headache.I don't want to buy items I can buy at Walmart.

There's one everywhere these days.Thanks for the heads up :sigh


Only Christ Himself can judge those who wrong others. I am very disappointed in what people try to say or do to others these days.


Yeah i agree with "sunnyside".you dont know who your goin to.

Im in southern missouri and i love ebay! but when i bought some heels they came in scratched and they looked used. plus they werent the size they gave me. so i havent been able to wear them, i just keep them in the box until i can find something to do with them.

i figured it was just my bad for shoppin online from ppl idk.its good that someone takes the time to right reviews.


Well, I'm not so sure about family fueds, but I did google the business and after reading a little research, yes there are many pleased customers, but being an ebay account just anyone can get on.It really doesn't give specific information about the seller or where the product come from.

As far as fast shipping, it sounds like an awesome deal! However, this could be just anyone....they could be some robber who steals from stores, or just a millionaire looking to make a quick buck.

I'm skeptical to use from vendors such as these.:?


One only needs to go to this site to see for themselves what a great store Mryha's Marvelous Merchandise is.This is a top-rated seller with impeccable feedback.

Whoever these hateful people are need to be reprimanded. I agree with that this site is a great place to shop. I have purchased many items from them and have been extremely happy with each order.



The site Mryhas Marvelous Merchandise IS a reputable and respected dealer.The accusations that have been presented here are 100% false.

The person(s) who started this slander has done it out of an act of jealousy, hatred and spite. This a family member who holds a grudge against the owner of this business.

Please pay no heed to the slander that this individual posted about this site.Mryha Marvelous Merchandise is truly a wonderful place to shop.

to Truly Satisfied Customer Chattanooga, Oklahoma, United States #617855

how would you know? :roll

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